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Deal Preparation




Deal Preparation

Before a company is presented to investors for financing, we scrutinize and prepare it for meeting the eyes and ears of institutional investors.
Our team consists of western Wall Street professionals who are on the ground and experienced in the actual business environment across China, plus experienced Chinese analysts. They deal with the legal and communication nuances which, if not given proper attention, can cause a financing to be more difficult than it needs to be.

The services included involve:
  • Site visits
  • Preliminary auditing
  • Legal and accounting due diligence support
  • Personal and commercial background checks
  • Supplier/ customer checks
  • Industry/ market analysis
  • Business model analysis
  • Business plan development (8K format)
  • Financial forecast developments
  • Investment structure development
  • Presentation material development
  • Q&A preparation
  • Road show presentation representation
  • Road show follow up
  • Filing preparation
  • Company research reports
  • Company website
  • Public relations/ investor relations