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Why London?

 -Global Financial Centre
 -Concentration of Expertise
 -Chinese Companies & LSE

The Main Bourse
The AIM Bourse




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United Kingdom

London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market

We can offer a 'Start-to-Finish' solution for listing in the UK.

Experienced Lawyers and Auditors
We refer you to experienced U.S. lawyers and auditors that have worked with many successful U.S. listed Chinese companies.

Public Shells
We provide clean public shells from our own inventory or from only the most reputable sources.

We work closely with clients to develop a realistic fund raising strategy and then help raise the necessary capital.

Investor Introductions
We have relationships with investors and fund managers that are specifically looking for Chinese and other Asian investments.

Transaction Completion
We oversee the entire going public transaction from start to completion.


The London Stock Exchange

The world's third largest stock exchange by market capitalisation of domestic stocks listed, after the New York Stock Exchange and Tokyo Stock Exchange. The LSE also lists foreign companies, and its turnover of foreign shares is the largest in the world.

Why London? 

Global Financial Centre

  Centre of global trading, facilitating 24 hour trading through Asia in the morning to North America in the evening.

  547 foreign banks in London, more than any other financial centre worldwide.
All the top 500 global companies do business in London

  London is the world centre for trading international equities with 43% of trading taking place in London compared with just 31% in the US

  London markets are driven by the institutional investors, accounting for 99% of value and 95% of trading volumes, whilst US markets with their high retail base tend to be more volatile.

Concentration of Expertise

  There are more international equity analysts in London than in all European cities combined, including over 300 in mining sector

  City of London has Europe’s greatest concentration of professional and support services – 83% of the top law firms in the world are headquartered in London

  Largest foreign exchange market in the world – daily turnover of $637 billion is more than New York and Tokyo combined.

  Practically all global equity strategy desks of the major investment banks are located in London.

  The City of London is the fastest growing market for credit derivatives.

  London Metal Exchange handles 95% of the world's non-ferrous base metals trading.

  Over 70% of mining industry financing in the world is done through London Markets.

Chinese Companies and LSE
(For a full list see

  38 Chinese companies listed in London: 6 mainland Chinese listed in London as off-shore entities; 18 Chinese/HK companies listed on AIM

  Around 20 corporate bonds listed in London

  Year to Sep 2005, value of Chinese stocks traded was $34bn

  Air China listed its shares in London and HK in Dec 2004 using the same listing document

The Main Board

The Main Board

  • Reporting under UK GAAP or US IFRS accounting standards
  • comprises approximately 1,800 listed companies with a total market capitalization of more than USD5,200 billion.
  • Minimum 25% shares in public hands
  • When issued the shares must be sufficiently widely held
  • Normally 3 year trading record required
  • Prior shareholder approval required for substantial acquisitions and disposals
  • Pre-vetting of admission documents by the UKLA
  • Sponsors needed for certain transactions
  • Minimum market capitalization
  • At least 700,000 GBP market capitalization required

Secondary ~ AIM (Alternative Investment Market)

  Specifically tailored to growing businesses, AIM combines the benefits of a public quotation with a flexible regulatory approach.

  AIM gives companies from all countries and sectors access to the market at an earlier stage of their development, allowing them to experience life as a public company.  


AIM (Alternative Investment Market)

  • No minimum shares to be in public hands
  • No trading record requirement
  • No prior shareholder approval for transactions*
  • Admission documents not pre-vetted by Exchange nor by the UKLA in most circumstances. The UKLA will only vet an AIM admission document where it is also a Prospectus under the Prospectus Directive
  • Nominated adviser required at all times
  • No minimum market capitalisation
  • 1,311 companies, including 185 overseas companies are now on AIM with total market capitalisation of US$89.6 billion
  • Started trading in 1995
  • 2,200 companies in total been listed, and more than US$40billion has been raised collectively
  • 36 sectors, 88 sub sectors, including IT, biotech, pharma, resources
  • In 2004, 355 companies joined AIM, including 61 international companies raising US$8.8 billion
  • Year to Sep 2005, 389 companies joined AIM, including 78 international companies, raising US$8.9 billion

 * Not applicable to reverse takeovers