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Investment Criteria
Stramark works closely with company leaders from across all growth industries, looking to help companies that are growing, and need capital.

We understand that when a company needs to raise capital its industry grow is more important that its fixed assets.

We employ a professional team to source and screen candidates that meet the following criteria:-

 1) Size and Liquidity  2) Strong Investment Case
  • Revenue 15 ~ 100m US$
  • 5m US$ Net Profit
  • 30% or above growth rate
  • Capital required: 10~40m US$
  • Growth Markets and sustainable competitive position
  • Defendable Business model
    (barriers to entry and robustness)
  • International exposure 
 3) Strong Management Team  4) Credible Financial Profile
  • Strong Management Team
  • Strong Investment Case
  • Delivery of results
  • Experienced
  • Investor friendly
  • Track record of growth and profits
  • Visibility and/ or confidence in future earnings growth
  • Financial Record
    (at least one year US GAAP Audited)
 5) Growth Industry
  • We are not restricted to any industry.
  • We are involved in deals ranging from Fertilizer, Chinese Medicine Production, Glucose Manufacturing, Production Machinery Production, Printing, and Real Estate Development.
  • We look for industries that are growing and players that have the potential to succeed.

Companies not meeting these requirements will only be considered if they have exceptional growth rates, and high earnings ratios.