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The Guide for Chinese SMEs Seeking International IPO

ISBN 978-7-5086-0852-5

A full reference material for those Chinese SMEs seeking financing.





A 356 page comprehensive framework allows the reader to fully assess the IPO decision, whether it is the correct decision, and how to maximize the impact.

  Chapter 1
          The Decision to go Public
Chapter 2
          The IPO Players: Who is involved ~ Team
  Chapter 3
          The IPO Process and Due Diligence
Chapter 4
          Valuing a company
Chapter 5
          Price Setting Mechanisms
Chapter 6
          Ways to Market
Chapter 7
          Selecting the Correct Market USA/ Asia/ Euro
Chapter 8
          Asian Markets
Chapter 9
          European Markets
Chapter 10
          USA Markets
Chapter 11
          Life as a Public Company
  Chapter 12
          Marketing New Issues, PR and IR Company’s role
  Chapter 13         
          The Legal and Political Framework


A concise, and invaluable tool that every PRC CEO should read before deciding on any financing route.