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Mission Statement
Company Background
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Stramark is dedicated to financing Asian enterprises with an emphasis on China.

We set ourselves apart by Raising Capital with a full set of necessary services including:-
     Due Diligence,
     M&A Restructuring,
     Financing Preparation,
     After Market Support services,

We thus serve our clients throughout their journey from private to public, and continue to serve their needs as public companies.
Mission Statement- to become the leading enterprise to give P.R.China's Small and Medium Sized Enterprises a financing platform for them to better and more effectively raise capital from the world's capital markets.

Company Background-  our senior staff have been working in the cross border M&A markets for over 15 years, and have been operating in China for the same period. We have accumulated the depth of resources and experience in both legal and investment banking, that is essential to close a deal smoothly and successfully.

Corporate Resources- with partnerships with M&A Legal Specialists, Financial Auditors, Hedge Funds,  and Security Houses, the company has developed a network of resources across the globe, along with a network of local and international government connections.

Business Scope- the company has 3 major division:-

With many years of experience our teams will find and implement the ideal structure for a business to face ever growing international competition and threats.
Our teams will work with our clients to ensure the they are fully prepared, and positioned correctly before they enter their life as a public company. Which simply results in accurate valuations.
Raise Capital
As a the major goal  we offer a portfolio of services to bring the potential enterprise to access its maximum international value.